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4-4-2020 Positive Strategies Now
4-4-2020 Positive Strategies Now

4/4/2020 The mind has been fun this week. As I struggle this week to remember exactly who I am, I catch myself no perusing things that other might not approve of. Creating conflict after living in so much, still from time to time, I allow it to hold me back.

At moments like this my mind goes to Byran Katie’s Work… “The Work” Her worksheet to regain the power you have chosen to give away is amazing. The process to fill out the work sheet is difficult for me to explain to someone who has never heard her work.

The TURN IT AROUND is the best part, and you know you have been honest with yourself when you feel lighter after the process.

Once I did a work sheet on a person I had a crush on when I was 16, and I realized my anger towards this person was because I had given them power of me and they did not honor that. I needed to forgive myself for giving the power away, then I forgave them for not honoring the power they were given, and in the end I regain the power I had been missing for 27 years!