Planning Strategies with Heart, Knowledge and Strategy

Strategic Planning

  • Formulating the company mission:  Purpose, philosophy and goals
  • Develop Company Profile that reflects internal conditions and capabilities
  • Assess the company external environment:  competition and general contextual factors
  • Know you options:  Match resource to external environment
  • Evaluate each option in lite of Company Mission
  • Select long-term goals and strategies
  • Develop annual goals and short-term goals that are compatible with long term goals!
  • Budget resources and match of tasks:  People, structures, technologies and reward system
  • Evaluate success and plan for the future

“A strategy reflects a company’s awareness of how, when and where it should compete;
    against whom it should compete; and for what purposes it should compete.” *

* Strategic Management- Formulation, Implementation, and control, Fifth Edition

 Strategic Planning Possibilities

Strategic Planning includes finding a company’s purpose and philosophy to foster the company goals. Building a Company Profile, recognizing External Factors and Know your options all are key elements to Evaluate Company Mission, Long Term Goals , Short Term Goals and building Strategies.

Budgeting is important aspect of business, However Resource Matching and Evaluate Success provide the foundation for a Plan for the future.