4-8-2020 Brené Brown

Brené Brown has a wonderful message about vulnerbility.  However, my first reminder about vulnerbility came from dear friend Carol Borkoski.
Carol helped me allow myself to have a new relationship after protecting myself for many years after a couple of heart aches. Without being vulnerable we can not connect with another soul on a authentic level.

The Power of Vulneribiltiy
“A sense of worthiness, they have a stong sense of love and belonging and folk that struggle for it. Folks that are always wonding if they are good enough. Only one variable that seperated people that had a strong sense of belonging and the people who really struggle for it. The people that have a stron sense of love and belonging believe they are worthy of love and belonging. THEY BELIEVE THEY ARE WORTHY”! ~ Brené Brown

When I hear this statement it reminds me of a conversation I had with Jessica Maag, a a dear person that was injured in war, with a tramadic brain injury that was give a 2% chance of living. And her quote for survival ” Why not me!”

We are all worthy of love and belonging. And if you every question it ask yourself, Why not me!

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