Introducing Energy and why it matters

As successful business woman, I started to explore mediumship. A Medium is some one who can hear, see or understand loved ones that have passed to the other side.  These woman became my customers, we often bartered skills.  My personal exposure helped me become the heart center business woman I am meant to be.

What is heart centered energy?
Heart Centered Energy is living with intention from the heart.  What? 
Intentions from the heart allow for vulnerability and expansion.  What are the truest of intentions behind someone’s contribution to your business?  How do you find away to have a win/win out come for both you and your employee?

When we work from a heart centered energy, the point of view the energy is different.  The results are even better.

How do you get to Heart Centered Energy Intentions?  Faith, belief, intention, meditation, desire, nutrition and the understanding of environmental energy all play a part in creating a Heart Centered Energy Intention

The path to understanding energy

Dr. Susan Hanlan, University of Akron, Management Professor –  Mary Parker Follett, Stephen Covey – WIN/WIN Theory

Carol Borkoski – Mediumship, Access Consciousness, Talking to the Entities

Joel & Victoria Osteen – a new view on faith

Jerry and Ester Hicks – possibility of a higher plan, being in the vortex, power of attraction

Marie Forleo – B-School, creating your business and life you love

Kris Carr – Nutrition, Meditation and well being

Danielle LaPorte – Desire mapping, attracting what your heart desires

Alana Fairchild – Healing, Healing, Healing + Spiritual Growth, Meditation

Doreen Virtue & Charles Virtue – angle guidance, believing we are safe and watched over

Colette Baron-Reid – Mediumship, Astrology, Meditation and Vision Board

Kate Northrup – The Origin Company – Entrepreneurs collaborative

Debra Silverman – Understanding people and daily energy to be productive and effective

Dr. Mark Hyman – proper nutrition is a game changer! Being your own health advocate.

Dr. Martha Lee – Eros Coaching – education is key!

4-9-2020 Alana Fairchild Chakra Meditations

This app has saved my mind from negative thoughts.  The more I use this app the more my stinking thinking dissolves back to Love.

“Your chakras are your energetic software through which you higher self interacts with  you physical body” ~ Alana Fairchild

The Meditation cover 7 Chakra: Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown.

Where do to focus your energy for each Chakra….
Base Chakra can also be called the Root Chakra.  This base of your spine and is related to fight or flight reflex.  When we balance our Base Chackra we are less likely to immediately react!!!  Other wise make a decision only from a fight of flight option.

More on each chakra in the next few posts.  Please consider listening to this APP.




4-8-2020 Brené Brown

Brené Brown has a wonderful message about vulnerbility.  However, my first reminder about vulnerbility came from dear friend Carol Borkoski.
Carol helped me allow myself to have a new relationship after protecting myself for many years after a couple of heart aches. Without being vulnerable we can not connect with another soul on a authentic level.

The Power of Vulneribiltiy
“A sense of worthiness, they have a stong sense of love and belonging and folk that struggle for it. Folks that are always wonding if they are good enough. Only one variable that seperated people that had a strong sense of belonging and the people who really struggle for it. The people that have a stron sense of love and belonging believe they are worthy of love and belonging. THEY BELIEVE THEY ARE WORTHY”! ~ Brené Brown

When I hear this statement it reminds me of a conversation I had with Jessica Maag, a a dear person that was injured in war, with a tramadic brain injury that was give a 2% chance of living. And her quote for survival ” Why not me!”

We are all worthy of love and belonging. And if you every question it ask yourself, Why not me!