4-9-2020 Alana Fairchild Chakra Meditations

This app has saved my mind from negative thoughts.  The more I use this app the more my stinking thinking dissolves back to Love.

“Your chakras are your energetic software through which you higher self interacts with  you physical body” ~ Alana Fairchild

The Meditation cover 7 Chakra: Base, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown.

Where do to focus your energy for each Chakra….
Base Chakra can also be called the Root Chakra.  This base of your spine and is related to fight or flight reflex.  When we balance our Base Chackra we are less likely to immediately react!!!  Other wise make a decision only from a fight of flight option.

More on each chakra in the next few posts.  Please consider listening to this APP.




4-8-2020 Brené Brown

Brené Brown has a wonderful message about vulnerbility.  However, my first reminder about vulnerbility came from dear friend Carol Borkoski.
Carol helped me allow myself to have a new relationship after protecting myself for many years after a couple of heart aches. Without being vulnerable we can not connect with another soul on a authentic level.

The Power of Vulneribiltiy
“A sense of worthiness, they have a stong sense of love and belonging and folk that struggle for it. Folks that are always wonding if they are good enough. Only one variable that seperated people that had a strong sense of belonging and the people who really struggle for it. The people that have a stron sense of love and belonging believe they are worthy of love and belonging. THEY BELIEVE THEY ARE WORTHY”! ~ Brené Brown

When I hear this statement it reminds me of a conversation I had with Jessica Maag, a a dear person that was injured in war, with a tramadic brain injury that was give a 2% chance of living. And her quote for survival ” Why not me!”

We are all worthy of love and belonging. And if you every question it ask yourself, Why not me!

4-7-2020 Aligning the Chakras?

Positive Mind, Positive Soul 
Aliging the Chakras, what the heck are chakras?  Chakras are life energy fields within the body and like any well built machine running at ultimum performance the gears are in alignment.

When my brain starts to go a little to the left and then a little to the right, I have noticed that I am in need of aligning my chakras.  The best meditation I found for this is from Alana Fairchild.  

This app can be found at BeautyEverywhere.com or from Alana Fairchild’s Website.

How does the meditation work? If you have never mediated before, and don’t know how to sit still like myself, then possible listen to for the first time prior to going to bed, when you are already in restful state. I have listen to this mediation, before bed, first thing in the morning, in the car ride and during a woman retreat with other loving souls.

The next posts will be about each chakra area.

4-6-2020 Kuan Yin Oracle Cards

Positive Mind
Alana Fairchild has many spiritual products.  The one I was introduced to first was “Sacred Rebels Oracle”.  These cards are simply lovely and have positive messages.  However the Cards that I resonated with the most were “Kuan Yin Oracle, Blessings, Guidance & Enlightenment from the Divine Feminine” .  Artwork by Zeng Hao.

My favorite was the Jade Temple this card is absolutely beautiful.

The healing in the Jade Temple is loving description of a healing place.  As you allow yourself to feel the description of the words, the energy of the healing begins. May you find your Jade Temple.

4-5-2020 I was missing Music?

Positive Strategies Now, Dancing Again
Dancing Again

4-5-2020 Positive Soul

My dear friend Carol Borkoski once said to me “when did you stop dancing, when did you stop singing, when did you stop living?”  

As life progresses into different chapters, some times we can get caught up in to functioning of life and not thriving of life.  As those around you can see these subtle changes, because of the ability of the  having a larger view point.  

When my life took some unexpected changes, I knew to be the best me I needed to work on me.  I came across a class named B-School, presented by Marie Forleo.   This was a great opportunity for me to review and bench mark my business practices. 

As I was scrolling through a Facebook group one day directly related to B-School, one of the members, Martha Lee from Singapore.  She was starting a Facebook group “One Woman”.  I loved this idea of dancing with woman around the world.  

What I learned from “One Woman“,  we all laugh, we all cry, and we continue to show up because we are all strong woman. 

Here is fun dance I downloaded from the group to share here.  I danced everyday for 30 days.  This experience allowed me to become more comfortable with my own skin.



4/4/2020 Byron Katie “The Work”

4-4-2020 Positive Strategies Now

4/4/2020 The mind has been fun this week. As I struggle this week to remember exactly who I am, I catch myself not pursuing things that other might not approve of. Creating conflict after living in so much, still from time to time, I allow it to hold me back.

At moments like this my mind goes to Byron Katie’s Work… “The Work” Her worksheet to regain the power you have chosen to give away is amazing. The process to fill out the work sheet is difficult for me to explain to someone who has never heard her work.

The TURN IT AROUND is the best part, and you know you have been honest with yourself when you feel lighter after the process.

Once I did a work sheet on a person I had a crush on when I was 16, and I realized my anger towards this person was because I had given them power of me and they did not honor that. I needed to forgive myself for giving the power away, then I forgave them for not honoring the power they were given, and in the end I regain the power I had been missing for 27 years!

With Much Love,
Kristen Walters Maag