4-10-2020 The Four Elements

Wait.  What! Elements? Yep!

There are 4 Elements that go with Chakra, Astrology, Native American Spirituality, Tarot card readings and many more life caring aspects!

What are the Elements:  Earth, Air, Fire & Water.
Debra Silverman does a great job explaining the importance of the Elements in “The Missing Element”.

Earth, Air, Water, Fire

Simple Overview:

Water – feelings

Air – intellect

Earth – practicality

Fire – energy

4-7-2020 Aligning the Chakras?

Positive Mind, Positive Soul 
Aliging the Chakras, what the heck are chakras?  Chakras are life energy fields within the body and like any well built machine running at ultimum performance the gears are in alignment.

When my brain starts to go a little to the left and then a little to the right, I have noticed that I am in need of aligning my chakras.  The best meditation I found for this is from Alana Fairchild.  

This app can be found at BeautyEverywhere.com or from Alana Fairchild’s Website.

How does the meditation work? If you have never mediated before, and don’t know how to sit still like myself, then possible listen to for the first time prior to going to bed, when you are already in restful state. I have listen to this mediation, before bed, first thing in the morning, in the car ride and during a woman retreat with other loving souls.

The next posts will be about each chakra area.

4-6-2020 Kuan Yin Oracle Cards

Positive Mind
Alana Fairchild has many spiritual products.  The one I was introduced to first was “Sacred Rebels Oracle”.  These cards are simply lovely and have positive messages.  However the Cards that I resonated with the most were “Kuan Yin Oracle, Blessings, Guidance & Enlightenment from the Divine Feminine” .  Artwork by Zeng Hao.

My favorite was the Jade Temple this card is absolutely beautiful.

The healing in the Jade Temple is loving description of a healing place.  As you allow yourself to feel the description of the words, the energy of the healing begins. May you find your Jade Temple.